Four Reasons to Chose DaVinci Teeth Whitening

At Sunless Solutions LLC, we use the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System because, from our experience, it provides the greatest benefits all around.


Using the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System, the entire whitening process is completed in one appointment - one hour at most. And the results are immediate. Some in-office whitening procedures require that the client make two or more appointments, with a single appointment lasting over two hours. Others require the client to make an appointment to get a tray fitted before they even start the process of whitening. Click here to learn what to expect at your appointment.

At-home whitening kits and strips usually instruct you to use daily anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour, for up to 30 days. It can be quite inconvenient to plan every day around whitening your teeth. Plus, it can take weeks before seeing any difference. With progress that slow, it's hard to tell if it is even working.


Many people assume that teeth whitening will be painful or cause tooth sensitivity. The DaVinci system is pain-free and rarely causes sensitivity, especially when compared to other in-office teeth whitening procedures. If there is any sensitivity, it is minor and brief. If you have sensitive teeth and are concerned, we offer a desensitizing gel that we can apply right before your whitening session. Also we offer mouth guards in two sizes and we let our clients insert their own mouth guard and make adjustments to it until they're comfortable.

Sensitivity can be a more concerning issue when using stripes because you cannot control how much products is on each individual tooth. Also, when using at-home whiteners, some people tend to over-do it thinking they will get faster results. This can not only cause pain, but can also damage the enamel of your teeth.


DaVinci has simplified their teeth whitening system so it can be administered by a DaVinci trained beauty professional, and no longer has to be administered by a licensed dentist. This lowers the cost for the client because they do not have to pay for having a dental procedure in a dentist office, saving hundreds of dollars. At-home kits and strips initially cost less, but the price can increase from having to repeat the process regularly. Click here to get teeth whitening prices at Sunless Solutions LLC.


The DaVinci Whitening System produces amazing results with the average client achieving a 5-14 shade improvement. No other whitening system, in-office or at-home, claims to show this kind of drastic result. It eliminates staining caused by food, beverages and aging. Unlike whitening strips, it also dramatically reduces staining caused by nicotine. DaVinci Maintenance Kits are available to extend your results even longer. Click here for before and after photos.

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