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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

You may think that all Spray Tan are created equal. When I started getting spray tans about 15 years ago, I did. Over time, I got use to all the downfalls that you might come to expect with a Spray Tan.

These included:

  • Post-tan wetness and stickiness

  • Bronzing everything you come into contact with - especially clothes and bed sheets

  • Fear of rain after tanning

  • Fear of sweating after tanning

  • Not being able to put make-up on after tanning

  • Tan not lasting

  • Blotchy, uneven patches

  • Unpleasant tan smell

When I started Sunless Solutions LLC, I wanted to change the way my clients think of the whole Spray Tanning Process. I wanted to offer the best ways to fight all the negative side effects that come with our quest for beautiful bronze skin.

9 Ways Sunless Solutions LLC Spray Tans Are Different

1. Flexibility

We offer Mobile tanning so you don't have to wait in line or in traffic to get that perfect glow. Don't want to tan at your house? That's cool too. We have a great spot conveniently located in Old Mandeville that is perfect to get your Glow on. We are also open to take appointments before and after business hours.

2. Customized Spray Tan

Spray Tan Solution is developed with various amounts of DHA (the active ingredient that makes you tan) in each bottle. Different skin tones call for different amounts of DHA. If a naturally pale person gets sprayed with a solution with a high level of DHA, it will likely cause their tan to over-develop, resulting in a tan that looks un-natural, and maybe even a little...(AHHH!)...orange. Unlike when you get a Spray Tan in a booth at a tanning salon, we are able to customized the solution to your natural skin tone, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking tan.

3. pH Balance Pre-Tan Treatment

There are several factors that can cause a spray tan to develop unevenly, such as lack of exfoliation, but we've got you covered! We apply every Spray tan client with a pH Balancing Spray and we don't charge an extra $5 like the salons do. This spray boosts the amino acids and moisturizes your skin to fight the main causes of uneven fading and discoloration.

4. Our Products

We use Sjolie Spray Tanning Solution for all most all of our clients. There was alot of experimenting and Trial and Error when deciding what solution we were going to use. All of the products in the Sjolie line that we use are Aloe-based, not alcohol based like many other solutions. The aloe moisturizes your skin instead of drying it out like alcohol, which allows the tan to last longer. Also Sjolie's products are Erythrulose-free and Fragrance-free. Erythrulose is a low-cost tanning agent that works much like DHA and is often combined with DHA when making tanning solution, however it fades faster and - unlike DHA - it is not FDA-approved. Since the solution is fragrance-free, your won't be left with that funny smell, and you can choose whichever scent drops you'd like without worrying about the smells mixing.

5. Approved by the FDA

Spray Tans and DHA are approved by the FDA, under the condition that certain parts of the skin are not exposed. They suggest the client use nose plugs, eye-covers, lip balm and disposable undergarments. Although we do not require that our clients adhere to every suggestion, we DO present each client with a 'Tan Pack' at the beginning of each appointment that includes everything suggested by the FDA PLUS a shower cap, feet protectors, tan stickers, a Rewards Card and coupons to use on our retail products.

6. 'Glow by Erin' Setting Powder

Each client will be powdered with this setting powder after their tan using a sanitized body brush. This powder dries and helps set your tan, allowing you to comfortably get dressed and put make-up on immediately. Also it hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin, while improving elasticity and tightening the skin. This is one of the most popular products in the spray tan industry right now, and is only available for professionals to buy. The suggested up-charge for one application is $10-$15, but in accordance with our mission to give you the best spray tan ever, we offer it for free. BTW, it smells amazing!

7. Complimentary Enhancement

Each client has the choice of a shimmer or scent enhancement with each tan. Any enhancement(s) you receive is mixed in to the tanning solution before you are sprayed, and you can get as many as you'd like added to the solution. After the 1st free one, each additional one is $5 extra, except the skin-firming and anti-aging, which are $10 extra. We actually have some very unique options - contact us and we'd love to tell you about them!

8. Sunless Solutions LLC Dollars (Loyalty Program)

Each client receives a punch card at their first appointment, or with their first retail purchase. You have to get 8 punches to fill your card up, and there are many opportunities to earn punches, such as buying a retail item, referring a friend or leaving an on-line review. A full card gets you a $40 Sunless Solutions LLC gift card to use on any Sunless Tanning or Teeth Whitening retail product(s).

9. Discounts on Other Services

Teeth Whitening is a great compliment to Spray Tanning! We use the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System which produces incredible results and can be done at the same appointment as your tan in as little as 20 minutes! Clients pay much less when they book these two services together, plus we run monthly specials for our email subscribers and social media friends and followers.

At Sunless Solutions LLC, our goal is to give you the best Spray Tanning experience ever! We are continually looking your new and exciting options to offer our clients. As we grow, we will continue to add to this list. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us. We love hearing from y'all!

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